Engineering and Creative Projects

Notes on the Reprap Guru Prusa i3 V2 3D Printer Clone

Some tips and tricks I've developed building and upgrading Crystal Palace, my Prusa i3 V2 3D printer clone.

when: August 2017

The Musical Swings

Make your playground musical with this interactive project.

with: Gemma Ward and Melissa Norelli Hassan
when: February 2017

Birthday LED Candles

When celebrating four birthdays at once, use LEDs to avoid lighting 175 candles.

when: July 2016

Mechanical Design for 3D Printing

Some common mechanical components, designed around the limitations of 3D printing in ABS.

with: Jon Lusk
when: November 2012

How Not to Build a Solder Fume Extractor

A cautionary tale of an attempt to build a fume extractor and filter out of cardboard and duct tape.

when: December 2006

Dry-Ice Rockets

You too can make a rocket out of a water bottle and a chunk of dry ice.

with: Jay Wilson
when: August 2003

The Pipe Crawler

My senior university project, an articulated pipe inspection robot with a new kind of screw-drive propulsion and an inertial navigation system.

with: Sheraz Wasi and Mark Miller
when: May 2003

Tilt Sensor Demonstrator

A fun little tilt-sensing toy I made using a MEMS accelerometer and some LEDs.

when: November 2002


An unmanned hovercraft with plywood hull, a skirt made from a painter's dropcloth, and a leaf-blower engine; plus build your own 10-minute pizza-box hovercraft!

with: Jay Wilson
when: May 1999